Tours in Seville

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Half day tour

Seville is a city to be discovered.This half day tour will show you the essential places you can not miss.

Three buildings have the distinction of World Heritage by UNESCO. The Royal Alcazar , the Cathedral and the Archive of the Indies.

Is it true that Christopher Columbus traveled more after his death than in life?

We will reveal its secrets throughout this tour.

In our tour Discovering Seville we’ll visit two of them: the Alcazar and the Cathedral. In addition we complete our visit with a walk in the mythical Barrio de Santa Cruz.

The wall of the Alcazar preserves 1000 years of History . The Gothic castle, Mudejar Palace, House of Trade and the Upper Royal Room are the elements of this place which today is the oldest royal residence in Europe still in use.

Kings, sailors, artists, poets and concubines will reveal us its secrets. A complex of palaces and buildings of different styles and times talk of betrayal and love, great seafaring exploits and royal weddings. Its gardens, a recreation of the paradise will transport us to past times.

Following the wall and once out of the Alcázar is the Jewish section, today called the Santa Cruz. Like many medieval Spanish Jewish quarters still retains its layout. It was one of the largest Jewish communities of the fourteenth century with the one in Toledo and Cordoba. History however was not fair to the Jews who were dramatically expelled or forced to conversion throughout the fifteenth century.

Rival in importance and complementary to the Alcázar is the Cathedral Santa Maria de la Sede, an ambitious work that astonished everyone who saw it. It was built on the site of an ancient mosque and today is the third largest cathedral in the Christian world. From the old Islamic building we have the sahn or courtyard of the ablutions, today called Patio de los Naranjos (Courtyard of the Orange Trees). Also the bell tower, former minaret, is the famous Giralda, named for the wheather vane (or Giraldillo ). This tower is the symbol of Seville.

At the end of the tour you have the option to climb the Giralda tower through its ramps to enjoy a splendid view of the city.

Among its many treasures, the Seville Cathedral houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The Italian navigator who traveled four times to America with the sponsorship of the Crown of Castile, finally rests in Seville . Authentic tomb or fake ? What’s real in the mystery of his burial?


Full day tour

If you have more time we can visit more historical and interesting places in Seville. In addition to the main sights, Cathedral and Alcázar, this walk gives us a deeper vision of the essence of Seville.

Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, lived in Seville in the sixteenth century.

He is the author of the famous phrase: If you haven’t seen Seville, you haven’t seen a marvel!

Immersed in the Parque de María Luisa, this square is one of the most unique architectural complexes in Andalusia. It was the epicenter of the Universal Exposition held in 1929 and designed by natural architect Aníbal González Sevilla. Inside we can find out how each bank belongs to a Spanish province in representing each idiosyncrasy of each in a highly original tiles of the time.

The neighbourhood of San Bartolomé that was also part of the Medieval Jewish Section leads us to the Palace of Pilate. This beautiful palace mixes Islamic and Renaissance influences. It is still a private palace of the Sevillian nobility. Roman statues, marble fountains, tiles, bronze railings, Venus and Dionysus, bougainvillea and jasmine… it is one of the most special places in Seville and a hidden gem.

A few steps from the busy Plaza de la Alfalfa, which was once the roman forum or main square of the Roman Seville called Hispalis, and crossing the Square of the Bread, we find the Church of Salvador, the second church of Seville and baroque jewel of the eighteenth century. This church is essential to understand the cultural, religious and artistic phaenomenon of the Semana Santa (Easter).

Not far,the Town Hall was formerly a Franciscan convent, also we’ll walk in the Arenal neighborhood and the original Cabildo Square. In this area we find the hidden medieval building of the shipyards that gave birth to the best boats of Castile in the Middle Ages. Today it shows its former glory by a secret window.

A ride that keeps us many surprises. A nice walk, with a break for lunch at one of the many good restaurants or bars of Sevilla. With renewed strength we continue our journey through History.


Visita de introducción 1h de paseo + 1h de flamenco

Without doubt , the most beautiful time of Seville is the blue hour, just before or at sunset. On this tour we offer an evening stroll through the historic area . It is an ideal introduction to get in touch with Sevilla.

Did you know what the Flamenco Duende is ?: It is a mysterious and ineffable charm,

a mysterious power that all feel and that no philosopher can explain.

We’ll walk around the old city that shows us its hidden places like the courtyard of the Orange trees in the Cathedral through the Door of Forgiveness. Or the majestic Giralda, a former minaret of the Muslim mosque, or the Alcazar wall that hides 1,000 years of history…

We enter later in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, this time abandoned by tourists, where we can’t hear more than our steps and the murmur of a fountain. Squares and narrow streets, white and yellow houses… misteries like the gate of the devil, the alley Water part of the muslim acueduct, the Hospital of Venerables Priests

The Jews lived in this neighborhood in the XIII and XIV centuries. Where there were synagogues there are churches today, but the medieval atmosphere inspires our walk, a neighborhood – maze is still waiting for us next to the walls of Real Alcazar.

Our tour ends with one of the most authentic traditions of Seville: the Flamenco. Declared in 2001 by the UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity it has its roots in Andalusia and one of its cradles is Sevilla. In a traditional house in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, a famous dancer has founded a Museum of Flamenco. It offers a 1 hour daily show. An intimate setting that will transmit us the passion of flamenco music. Come and experience the Duende!

We adapt our times to schedules of flamenco show. Two passes: At 7 pm and 8:45 pm. This route is ideal to do at sunset. The historic area is quiet and the light is fantastic. In summer we recommend at 7:30. And the rest of the year at 5:30 pm.


Half day tour

Nice weather, a city without slopes and over 100 km of bike lanes, Seville is the ideal base for exploring city by bike.

Fun, safe, healthy and comfortable. 2h30 ‘ tour with stops at a relaxed pace.

Discover the heart of Sevilla while your guide tells you the most interesting stories. The square of Spain and America, the romantic park of Maria Luisa, the Santa Cruz area or Jewish Quarter, the walk along the Guadalquivir, the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) or the Triana market are some of the places we see in our walk. The best way to take advantage of your time in Seville. Seville is a city particularly good to cycling.

Currently the city has over 140 km of bike paths, protected and isolated from the road channel. Through these lanes wide avenues can lead to all the districts of the capital of Andalusia. Also, the historical center of the city has a large number of pedestrian pathways that allow the movement of the bicycle.

Summer in Sevilla is hot while winter is short and not too cold. To enjoy the bike tour we recommend: Bike tours in summer recommend morning. In winter, it is better to schedule afternoons or mornings from 11am.

We took a bicycle tour in Seville with Marta. During 3 hours, we discovered many places very different and it was a great moment. Bicycle is perfect to see Seville. Marta is very nice and knows perfectly her town. Thank you for this moment ». 
March 2014. John Summer


Half day tour

We start our tour in the Church of Salvador, the second church after the Cathedral of Seville. It stands on the site of an old mosque which we still have the courtyard of ablutions, an oasis in the city center, with a beautiful fountain and surrounded by orange trees.

The famous dance Macarena, known throughout the world since the 90s, has its roots in this neighborhood. We tell you the story!

Through Calle Siete Revueltas (Seven Turns), one of the most original streets of Seville, we arrive at Metropol Parasol, the famous Mushrooms, contested space, contemporary architecture in the geographic center of the city and without doubt, the best viewpoint of Seville from the terrace. In the basement is the Antiquarium, some Roman remains of Hispalis, date back to 2000 years ago.

Our way continues down Feria Street, shopping, lively and busy… away from all tourist and real heart of Sevilla. Churches of the fourteenth century and architectures of the early twentieth century with Arabic influences. In this street it is the oldest market of Seville: Oranges in winter, spring strawberries, melons and tomatoes in summer… this will immerse us in the most traditional Seville.

In one of the posts we can stop for a drink and a tapa. At the end of Feria Street awaits the Basilica of the Macarena, famous religious center of Andalusia, always with activity and inside the Esculpture of the Virgin, the most venerate and valued image in Seville

The stunning Hospital of Blood in the sixteenth century was the largest hospital in Europe. Now it has become the Andalusian Parliament. To finish our tour, the walls from the XII century . Wall defense of the Islamic period, this part is the only remain, the rest was completely demolished in the nineteenth century.


Half day tour

The Trastevere in Rome and Triana in Seville. Separated from the rest of the romantic Sevilla Elizabeth II Bridge (better known as the Puente de Triana), Triana owns personality and history.

On this tour we’ll discover both sides of the river in a very original way. The first part of the tour will be on foot, the second part by boat in the river.

From the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower), one of the oldest monuments of the Islamic city, which dates back to the thirteenth century, we approach our destination. We pass in front of the Plaza de Toros, the bullring and one of the oldest and most important ones in Spain. The statue of Carmen, the cigarette maker, the Gypsy of the tobacco factory and immortal protagonist of the opera Merimee, tells her dramatic story in front of the plaza.

Crossing the bridge can be found the sinister castle of Saint George, former Castle of the Inquisition, part of our history and silent witness of a past time. Visit the interesting museum and the archaeological remains of the Castillo de San Jorge, now center of tolerance and reflection point. On its ruins, the best and most lively market Sevilla, open daily in the morning from Monday to Saturdays.

Triana is a neighborhood of potters and we can see some of the most traditional workshops, with their hand-painting artists continuing their work. Walls, windows and balconies decorated with colorful tiles reminiscent of the Arab past of the city.

After this walk through Triana a boat moored at the dock is waiting for us on the River. An electric, eco and luxury boat, with capacity for only 11 people show us the river from within. No noise, gently gliding between the two sides of the River. Northbound it is the modern Sevilla and bridges of the Expo 92. Towards the south, the Palace of San Telmo and the Ibero-American Exposition of 29.

The Guadalquivir awaits us and welcomes us… Toursevilla is ecological … the boat on the Guadalquivir of our friends Guadaluxe do not emit CO2, it is completely clean and environmentally friendly.

Toursevilla es ecológica, el barco por el Guadalquivir no emite CO2, es totalmente limpio y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.

Apart from this, there are many more places to see in Seville: The Hospital of Charity, Plaza de Toros, the Museo de la Macarena, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hospital de los Venerables, the Convent of Santa Paula … are hidden treasures to discover. Come and meet us!