Get to know your guide. Marta Casals, official guide of Seville

Get to know your guide. Marta Casals, official guide of Seville

Marta Casals, creator of Toursevilla and official guide of Seville, speaks in Tourguide Talks of her city, profession and hobbies with Alvaro Garza, American and currently a guide in the city of Barcelona.

Alvaro is the author of a podcast website, with this he wants to introduce different tourist guides, in principle from Spanish cities and soon also outside our Spanish borders.

After interviews with guides from Barcelona and Girona, Alvaro brings us closer to the south of Spain, to the city of Seville, where he will meet Marta Casals.

We will know what are the hobbies of our guide apart from showing her city and the countries to which she have traveled. During the trips abroad a guide also takes the tourist position and it is very enriching because being on the other side gives a much more complete vision. Because we have traveled and hired guides in other parts of the world, when we return to our work, we will know what the public likes to hear, what it tires them, what it is fun for them.

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In the podcast Marta tells us anecdotes from her city, the most popular stories for her audience, including the controversy over the tomb of Christopher Columbus in the Cathedral of Seville. We will know which are the popular festivals of Seville, the famous Holy Week, with its aesthetic processions and the history of the Nazarenos , with their pointed hats, in which many visitors from the USA seem to see the KKK mistakenly. Nothing of that. Marta denies it to us.

Not everything is history and art. Tapas and flamenco, two of the most representative elements of Andalusian culture also have a space in our podcast.

The main places you cannot miss in Seville: The Cathedral, the Reales Alcazares or the Plaza de España, but also the secret places for our guide can be heard in this podcast.

We will even have the opportunity to talk about Game of Thrones, the famous television series that has been partially shot in the Alcazar and in other locations in Seville.

Why a tour guide?

Get to know your guide. Marta Casals, official guide of Seville

A tour guide gives personality to your tours, it is not simply a sequence of facts or data, for that we have a book or a mobile application. The idea of our work is to contribute with a point of view, make a selection of places and historical moments and transmit the passion for our cities to visitors. In this lies the value of a guide, somehow they are like a friend who accompanies you for a few hours and shows you their favorite places. It is the what and it is also the how.

A good guide will make a visit of 3 or 4 hours fly by, so you want continue learning more. Likewise, this 45-minute podcast has gone by quickly. The good harmony and feeling between the interviewer and the interviewee have been noted. There has been time for historical information, for personal information, for a sense of humor and curiosities about Seville.

If you want to know a little more about Marta Casals, your guide in Seville, I invite you to spend a few minutes on this podcast.

If you plan to go to other cities, Alvaro’s podcast offers us the option of personally meeting other guides:

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