Summer Fair of Santa Ana at the quarter of Triana

Summer Fair of Santa Ana at the quarter of Triana

In the middle of the desert heat in the summer in Seville, the Barrio de Triana provides us an oasis at the end of July. And it is in the pottery-maker neighbourhood of Triana. That period that takes place each summer the trianeros call it “señalaítos days” on Velá Santa Ana. In this edition of the Velá it will be held from 21 to 26 July, having its epicenter in the Square Altozano, Betis street and San Jacinto street.

If we go back to the historical context of this festival, the Vela de Santiago and Santa Ana (that’s his full name) has its origin in a procession that was held in the parish of Santa Ana in the late thirteenth century.

This holiday, so ingrained in the Triana district, has a large impact on the city, not only for being one of the events of the summer, but for having maintain the flavor of the traditions that developed in it for centuries, so it is a reference in all parties and block parties that take place in Seville and surroundings.

Within these acts and traditions maintained over time, the opening takes place in the courtyard of the Hotel Triana. This patio is decorated typically creating an environment of considerable beauty.

The Velá (the Fair)

The most striking thing is the environment that created between Calle Betis and Isabel II bridge. El Puente de Triana shows lanterns and flags that provide the historical and special colorful bridge at nightfall. A typical Triana picture by adding the ephemeral tents that are mounted in the Calle Betis next to the bridge. These tents have a similar structure and aesthetics to the stalls of the Feria de Abril in Seville but it is reduced the space and it is free entry.

Meanwhile, San Jacinto Street looks completely dressed and artistic lighting . Many activities are organized, especially since in recent years this central street has been pedestrianized. At the junction of this road with calle Betis is the Plaza of the Altozano, in which a large scenario serves as an attraction for all present performances quite varied and satisfied young and old.

As with all festivals in Sevilla, cuisine enjoys a prominent role within the Vela de Santa Ana, being one of the main attractions the grilled sardines on the backs of the tents, a pleasure to taste them with views of the bridge and classic festive Seville.

La Velá Santa Ana 2014

Of the most striking activities in the Velá definitely is the “Cockaigne”. An ancient game that involves trying to catch a flag located at end of a greased wooden pole, placed horizontally on a barge by the bank of the Guadalquivir. Young trianeros make a display of skill on the pole for the award also taking a dip you will definitely compensate for the high temperatures that summer living in Seville.

The religious sphere

In the religious sphere, the most relevant events cluster around 25 and July 26 (Days of Santiago and Santa Ana, respectively) and always in the popularly known as Triana Cathedral: The parish of Santa Ana wreaths she succeed, liturgical worship as rosaries, levees and some special moments of beauty. In the night of 25 to 26 there is a concert of Band of bugles and drums of the Three Falls of Triana, this year they have received one of the most impportan awards of its type. They play some short musical pieces called “Joys of Santa Ana “from the bell tower of the ancient parish accompanied by luminaries.

Since July 26, Triana say good-bye to his Velá Santa Ana with a firework display at midnight from the Puente de Triana. A week worth living by both: Sevillian opting for the city instead of the nearby beaches, and tourists to be decided by the Guadalquivir City as a holiday destination in summer.

La Velá Santa Ana 2014