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Welcome to the Seville virtual tours!

Today I present to you a new virtual experience adapted to the times. We know that you like to travel, that you like history, art and culture. Unfortunately it is not possible or quite difficult to travel to Seville.

This is why I offer you a new alternative: the virtual tours. This on-line tours allow us to know the world comfortably and safely from home. It is easy and accessible to everyone. I will show you Seville as if you were here.

Would you like to know more? Watch this short video on youtube https://youtu.be/Kk-UFxsVZZ0

It will be a presentation by Zoom. I’ll share my screen and you’ll enjoy of an hour about Seville, its history and monuments.

Seville Virtual Tours. Learn History and get to know the city of Seville with my tours on-line
Old jewish quarter view from Google Earth

I offer you regular tours (weekly) to which you can register individually or if you already have a group I propose virtual tours “on request”

  • To see the topics we will talk about, read below.
  • For practical questions like when it will be, how much does it cost … see below.
  • For regular tours and “on request” read at the end of the article

These are the topics that I propose:

1. Introduction to Seville: History and walk through the city.

2. The great Cathedral and the beautiful Alcazar

3. The first round the world and Seville in the 16th century

4. The Seville Sefardic Jewish quarter


Seville Virtual Tours. Learn History and get to know the city of Seville with my tours on-line
Triana Bridge

Many of you have been to Seville, admired its monuments, felt the smell of orange blossom in spring or the color of orange trees in winter … with this introduction you will get to know in a didactic and informative way its history that dates back to the 7th century BC. Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Christians. A mixture of cultures that can still be seen in many places. We will walk through the romantic Maria Luisa Park, next to the Guadalquivir river, through the Plaza de España, the Tobacco Factory, the Plaza de Toros or the Expo of 92.

We will make a brief comment on these places to have an overview of Seville. And the Alcazar and the Cathedral? They are without a doubt the main monuments of Seville. They are so broad and rich that we will leave them for an episode later.


Seville Virtual Tours. Learn History and get to know the city of Seville with my tours on-line
Gothic arches in the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Seville built in the 15th in gothic style is the third largest cathedral in the Christian World. But it also houses a great collection of painting, sculptures. One of the main attractions is the tomb of Christopher Columbus. We’ll tell you the story of this mysterious tomb that could be a fake (or not).

We’ll get to know the remains of the former mosque, that is the courtyard of the orange trees and the famous Giralda Tower.

Next to the Cathedral we find the amazing Alcazar, that was originally the muslim fortress built in the 10th century. Today it is the palace for the royal family when they visit Seville. It’s a group of different constructions from several times and it’s a pleasure to wander in the muslims palaces feeling you’re back to the Middle ages.

For the fans of Game of Thrones it is a must, because scenes from the fifth season were shot here.


Magallanes y Elcano: La primera vuelta al mundo 1519-1522
View of Seville in the 16th century

We are celebrating the anniversary of this unique journey. 500 years ago in 1519 an expedition left Seville, it would make the first trip around the world. The brave expeditionaries returned in 1522 having shown for the first time empirically that the earth was round.

This is the history of their captains: Magellan and Elcano, but especially that of Seville in the 16th century, the richest and most cosmopolitan city in Europe, which received the products and wealthness of the New World and which has come to be compared to today’s New York.


Seville Virtual Tours. Learn History and get to know the city of Seville with my tours on-line
Street in the former jewish quarter

The Santa Cruz neighborhood is one of the most charming places in Seville. We will virtually walk through its streets and squares but we will also tell the story of the Jews who lived in this neighborhood in the Middle Ages. The Sevillian Jewish quarter was one of the most important in Castile after that of Toledo and Córdoba.

Little remains, but the streets of Santa Cruz still keep the legends of the Sephardic who had to leave unjustly to never return in the year of 1492. We also explore San Bartolomé, less touristy but equally interesting and part of the old Sevillian Jewish quarter. And on the other side of the river the Castle of San Jorge in Triana, seat of the Holy Inquisition, which played an important role in this period in relation to the Jews. We will see all this in our virtual tour.


What is a virtual tour? You will see on your screen a Power Point presentation with images, photos and videos recorded by me that I will comment live from the other side of the screen. We will also use Google Earth to experience the virtual visit even more real. At the end a time for questions and comments.

Do you want to see a sample? Click here:https://youtu.be/Kk-UFxsVZZ0

Who will make the visits? Marta, official tourist guide and graduate in History from the University of Seville. Toursevilla is my professional website.

How long does it last? The visit is approximately one hour, then a time for questions or comments.

What do I need? A computer or tablet with a good internet connection, the Zoom program, which is free. 15 minutes before the class you will receive an e-mail with a link, click and you are online.

How much is it? In regular tours each virtual visit is € 12 but as an offer if you book all four visits it is € 42. Consult for virtual tours for groups that have a better price.

Is this price per person? The price is per connection, that is, from a computer 2 people can comfortably follow the virtual visit. So you only pay one.

How do you pay? In advance, I will send you a link to your e-mail from a payment portal and you can pay comfortably with your card. 100% sure.

Can questions be asked during the presentation? To make everything more fluid we will save the questions for the end. You can ask me live with voice and also by chat.

What if I am not able to enter or Zoom fails? Technologies are sometimes not perfect and they can also be a bit confusing. In case you cannot enter due to a technical problem, I give you the option of coming another day, or if not, I will refund your money.

How many people will attend? A maximum of 20 people per visit. They are limited groups, so it will be more comfortable in the time for questions.


For individual visitors there will be regular tours, one per week and the dates will be published soon.

But I also do private virtual tours on the date you want. Choose this option if you are a group already formed, from 8 people. Send me a message and I will give you a quote

If you are interested, contact me through the form on this website https://www.toursevilla.com/en/contact/ or at info@toursevilla.com