Cultural Tours of Seville. Activities at Xmas 2012: Mapping at the City Hall

Visitas de Sevilla. Actividades Navidad 2012. Mapping en el Ayuntamiento

The building, now the Town Hall, is located in the Plaza de San Francisco. It was founded in the sixteenth century as a Franciscan convent, the most popular order of the city’s and originally included all current space of Plaza Nueva and Hotel Inglaterra.

The facade that remains is that of the Plaza de San Francisco. Made in Plateresque style, a version of the Spanish Renaissance, very decorative, so called because it is so fine as the work of a goldsmith (plateros). Its author was in the early sixteenth century Diego de Riaño who is also the author of the Main sacristy of the Cathedral.

The Mapping can be enjoyed until January 5 every night at 19,20 and 21 hours. It is free.