SEVILLE CULTURAL TOURS. DEC 8th, The festival of the Immaculate Conception

Guía de Sevilla: 8 de diciembre, la Inmaculada Concepción
The Virgin Mary is represented dressed in white, blue mantle and with a gold background referring to the “woman clothed with the sun” as it appears in Revelation. She’s accompanied by angels, sometimes only heads, driving it towards the heaven. Other symbols are the crescent moon, the throne or lilies.

This image can be seen in the Chapter House of the cathedral and the main hall of the Museum of Fine Arts. Also on the exhibition currently at the Hospital of Venerables in the Santa Cruz.

In the Plaza del Triunfo of Sevilla is there is also sculpture dedicated to the Immaculate. It is based on the popular paintings by Murillo and was made in 1920 by the artist Collaut Varela.

These days there are floral offerings and the night of December 7th “tunas” : (college singing groups in the traditional dresses) play and sing in honor of Our Lady.