SEVILLE CULTURAL TOURS . The symbol of the city NO&DO

Historia del NO&DO

It is a play on words that should be read NO MADEJA DO, because the central design is a skein of wool (madeja in Spanish). So read can be interpreted as: Seville didn’t leave me (no me ha dejado). Seville has not abandoned me.

Indeed, the city of Seville in the Middle Ages remained faithful to the legitimate King Alfonso, in a civil war against his own son Sancho. Sevilla did not leave the King. Anyway at the end Sancho snatched the throne to which he went as Sancho IV of Castile.

Alfonso X the Wise, more important as an intellectual than a political leader of a kingdom, was author of many works of history, politics, poetry, chess … he is buried in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Seville.
This picture can be seen in the back façade of the City Hall. (XVI century)