Seville cultural guide: Springtime is here again

La primavera de nuevo en Sevilla

With a large river that runs through Seville, the Guadalquivir, the city sits in a fertile valley surrounded by orchards, olive groves and vineyards.

But the symbol of Seville is the orange tree, bitter orange trees.

The sour oranges are not edible, they are mostly decorative trees and the scent of bitter is more intense than the sweet ones. Its fruit is traditionally used to bitter orange marmalade. Some cloistered convents make it and sell this local specialty.

Everywhere in downtown, in neighborhoods .. flood the city of Orange colour in late winter and white flowers in March.
Azahar is the name for Orange flower blossoms, a word of Arabic origin. It has a pervasive and unmistakable perfume that spreads throughout the city.
Lasts a short time, about 3 weeks, but it is a spectacle for the senses.

With orange blossom can be made perfumes, also orange blossom water is calming and is used in baking.
However, the most beautiful thing is to see and smell it once a year in the orange trees of Seville