Seville summer tours. The morning and sunset

Tours de verano en Sevilla. La mañana y el atardecer.

This leads us to recommend the tours, walks and visits to first thing in the morning. Before 11 in the morning it is a pleasure to walk around the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, few visitors, narrow and mysterious passages, reminding the Jewish past in their streets. Enjoy the silence and the sound of water in the fountains.

When night falls it’s the best time for a refreshing drink at one of the terraces, most of them with the “mist” system recently installed.
We propose a stroll around the shopping area, that Sevillians call “the center”, with pedestrian streets covered by awnings and take a refreshing mojito in “Mushrooms” popular name for Metropol Parasol in the Square of Encarnacion, geographical center of the ancient city and point reference of the city, combining tradition and modernity.