Visita a Jerez de la Frontera, capital europea del vino 2014

The tradition tells that it was theEnglish pirate Francis Drake who captured three thousand sherry boots that became very famous in the British court for the first time.

In the eighteenth century British businessmen settled in Jerez and found their land was ideal for growing vines , there the famous Sherry wine became popular . Wineries of British families proliferated : Garvey, Williams, Osborne or Byass … exporting their prized wines to the British Isles and they would display in the world.

Today wine cellars are one of the economic pillars of this city . And it has been named 2014 European capital of wine .It has more than 1 million annual visitors , attracted by the fame of its wines . At the level of well-known French and Italian wines , Jerez offers culture and a product of high quality